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Stafford "Doc" Williamson
About daochienergy:
Stafford "Doc" Williamson has written his column for the American Chronicle syndicate of websites since 2006. He is a consultant, writer and president of Williamson Information Technologies Corp. (aka Winfotech) It has a division aimed at energy development, which, as you can see from his writing, focuses on "green energy" and most particularly energy from "wastes".

Mr. Williamson has also written several books, including, PUPPYFISH and Puppy Goes to Lambergarten. and The Day I Changed the Shape of the Universe this last one is about Subatomic Structure.

Mr. Williamson was born & educated in Canada. His life has been "rich and full". He's held about 50 different "jobs", so far, his wealth of experience includes travel to South America, Asia and Europe, both professionally and for pleasure. Doc is married to Maggie. They live in Arizona.