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Apr 5, 2010
Your Social Network May Affect Your Drinking Habits

According to a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine the drinking habits of the people in your extended...

Mar 24, 2010
Effective Business Strategies In The Battle Against TB

Top multinational business and nonprofit leaders met in New York to discuss the role of the private sector in curbing...

Feb 16, 2010
Study Finds Cigar and Pipe Smoking Doubles Risk of COPD

A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that in spite of being considered non-inhaled forms of smoking,...

Dec 10, 2009
The effects of humidity on flu virus survival in the home.

A newly-released scientific white paper indicates that the flu virus is significantly less likely to survive on...

Oct 20, 2009
New ACP Guidelines for Treatment of ED

The American College of Physicians (ACP) today issued recommendations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED)....

Oct 9, 2009
Keep Better Track of Your Medications

The American Pharmacists Association has created a few guidelines for patients to follow including a list of...

Aug 31, 2009
Benefits of a Mediterranean diet for type 2 Diabetics

A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine found that newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients following a...

Aug 4, 2009
Make Eye Exams Part of the Back to School Routine

Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dr. Mike Earley with the American Optometric Association help parents and teachers...