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Jenny Mead
PhD Student
Cranfield, UK
Research Interests:
Proteome bioinformatics, MRM
Cranfield University
Publications in PubMed
  1. Bianco L, Mead J, Bessant C. Comparison of novel decoy database designs for optimizing protein identification searches using ABRF sPRG2006 standard MS/MS datasets. Journal of proteome research 2009. DOI:10.1021/pr800792z.
  2. Mead JA, Bianco L, Bessant C. Recent developments in public proteomic MS repositories and pipelines. Proteomics 2009 9(4). DOI:10.1002/pmic.200800553.
  3. Mead JA, Bianco L, Ottone V, Barton C, Kay RG, Lilley KS, Bond NJ, Bessant C. MRMaid, the web-based tool for designing multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transitions. Molecularcellular proteomics : MCP 2009 8(4). DOI:10.1074/mcp.M800192-MCP200.
  4. Mead JA, Shadforth IP, Bessant C. Public proteomic MS repositories and pipelines: available tools and biological applications. Proteomics 2007 7(16). DOI:10.1002/pmic.200700152.
  5. Ernst W, Trummer E, Mead J, Bessant C, Strelec H, Katinger H, Hesse F. Evaluation of a genomics platform for cross-species transcriptome analysis of recombinant CHO cells. Biotechnology journal 2006 1(6). DOI:10.1002/biot.200600010.
Mead,J.A., Bianco,L. and Bessant,C. (2009) Mining proteomic MS/MS data for MRM transitions. Methods in Mol. Biol.: Proteome Bioinformatics, Humana Press Inc. (accepted, in press)

Mead, J.A. and Shadforth, I.P. (2007) Bringing protein identification to the masses. Institute of
Biology,UK, Biologist 54:200-206
History of Education and Employment
BSc, MSc, EngD