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UCSD Behavioral, Social and Computer Sciences Seminar Series at Calit2

Calit2 is sponsoring second year of this popular lecture series bringing together social and behavioral sciences with...

UCSD Next-Generation Sequencing and Informatics Symposium

Next-generation sequencing is revolutionizing our knowledge of the human and other genomes and is increasingly being...

Open Access

To quote Wikipedia "Open access (OA) is free, immediate, permanent, full-text, online access, for any user, web-wide,...

Scientific Writing

A site for resources on scientific writing, mostly for journals and grants, but also for the general public.

2008 Information Theory and Applications Workshop

2008 Information Theory and Applications Workshop

This is a group in Calit2.

NSF Video Community

This video community includes a collection of NSF videos. The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent...

Computer Science Community

The Computer Science community is a community for SciVee members that are interested in general computer science.