JGI's videos (359)

Jun 4, 2009
Miriam Land on "Automated Microbial Genome Annotation"

Miriam Land of the DOE Joint Genome Institute at Oak Ridge National Laboratory gives a talk on the current state and...

Jun 2, 2009
Evan Eichler on “Sequencing Complex Genomic Regions” - Part I

Evan Eichler, Howard Hughes Medical Investigator at the University of Washington, gives the May 28, 2009 keynote...

Jun 9, 2009
Sante Gnerre on "ALLPATHS: Assembling Large Genomes with Short Illumina Reads"

Sante Gnerre from the Broad Institute speaks on the challenge of developing high quality assemblies of large genomes...

Oct 9, 2009
Patrick Chain on Genome Project Standards at GSC8

Patrick Chain of the DOE Joint Genome Institute talks about finishing standards for genome projects at the Genomic...

May 22, 2009
Steve Turner of Pacific Biosciences at the 2009 DOE JGI User Meeting

Steve Turner of Pacific Biosciences spoke at the DOE JGI User Meeting on March 26, 2009.

Jun 9, 2009
Tim Harkins on "The 8 day challenge for 8 genomes"

Tim Harkins of Roche Diagnostics talks about what he calls "The Edwards & Eisen Challenge" at the "Sequencing,...

Jun 10, 2009
Vincent Magrini on "Sequence Enrichment Applying RainDance Technology"

Vincent Magrini from The Genome Center at Washington University in St. Louis talks about his group's use of RainDance...

May 4, 2010
GenePRIMP: A tool for improving microbial gene prediction quality

Amrita Pati of the DOE Joint Genome Institute's Genome Biology group describes the software tool GenePRIMP and how it...

Oct 5, 2009
Kolker on a Systems Biology Encyclopedia and Sansone on ISA Infrastructure at...

Eugene Kolker from Seattle Children's Hospital briefly discusses "The Encyclopedia of Systems Biology and OMICS,"...

Jun 10, 2009
David Mead on "Next Generation DNA Polymerases & Reverse Transcriptases"

David Mead of Lucigen Corporation discusses polymerase development, Yellowstone and sequencing at the "Sequencing,...

May 22, 2009
Rod Wing, University of Arizona at the DOE JGI 2009 User Meeting

Rod Wing from the University of Arizona asked, "To Refseq or Reseq Oryza - That is the Question" on March 27, 2009 at...

May 18, 2009
David Bruce, JGI @ '09 DOE JGI User Meeting

David Bruce speaking at the "JGI 101 workshop" tutorial, 2009 DOE JGI User Meeting

Feb 19, 2010
Shane Canon on "Running BLAST on HPC Systems and in Hadoop"

Shane Canon of NERSC presents at the JGI/Argonne HPC Workshop on January 26, 2010.

Feb 17, 2010
Matteo Pellegrini on "Annotation of Plant Genomes using RNA-seq Data"

Matteo Pellegrini from University of California, Los Angeles presents at the JGI/Argonne HPC Workshop on January 25,...