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David Windhorst
Undergraduate Student
San Diego, CA
Research Interests:
Politics, environment, geography, sustainability, social-equity, and international development.
Asian Business Association, USP Club.
About DirtyDave:
Aspiring gangsta-pop music rapper.
History of Education and Employment
2007-2009: UCSD, La Jolla, CA
2005-2007: Mesa College, San Diego, CA
2002-2004: Communications Watch Officer, Work Center Supervisor- US Navy, San Diego, CA
1998-2001: Military Police Supervisor- US Navy, Sicily, Italy
1995-1998: Radioman, Search & Rescue Swimmer- US Navy, Jacksonville, FL
1994-1995: Part-Time Cashier- Handy Andy Supermarkets, San Antonio, TX
1993-1994: Ditch-Digger, Pipe-Layer- Windy's Water Works (Texas' last private water utility), San Antonio
(Grandpa was a slave-driver, but $5/hour wasn't bad for the early 90s).