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Feb 20, 2009
Wilson Wireless Amplifier for USB727, KPC680 and Cell Phone

We show you how to use the wireless end of an Amplifier to Boost the Signal of a Mobile Broadband Card AND Cell Phone...

Feb 20, 2009
3G Broadband Coverage Video Comparison

Video comparison of 3G broadband coverage for Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

Feb 20, 2009
Order Sprint Mobile Broadband Online

This video walks you through ordering your Sprint USB or ExpressCard from, where you save $50...

Feb 19, 2009
Verizon USB727 vs Sprint U727 USB Card Comparison Demo

We compare the Verizon Novatel USB727 vs the Sprint version the U727. Even thought they look exactly the same there...

Feb 19, 2009
Verizon USB727 vs C597 USB Card Comparison Demo

We compare the Sprint Sierra Wireless Compass 597 with the Verizon Novatel USB727. While similar, there are some...

Feb 19, 2009
Verizon UM175 vs. Sprint Compass 597 USB Card Comparison

We compare two USB cards that Sprint & Verizon offer, the Compass 597 and the UM175. Both cards are Free at...

Feb 18, 2009
Kyocera KR2 Router with Verizon USB727, KPC680 & PC5750

The Kyocera KR2 Mobile Broadband Router is reviewed along with 3 types of Verizon Cards that work with it. Also info...

Feb 18, 2009
Sprint & Verizon Express Card Showdown! See video of all 4

We compare the Verizon Kyocera KPC680 and Novatel V740 Expresscards vs the Sprint Novatel EX720 and the Sierra 597E

Feb 18, 2009
CradlePoint Travel Router Demo: CTR350, PHS300, CTR500

We compare the 3 small CradlePoint products: The CTR350, PHS300, and the CTR500, along with some of the Verizon cards...

Feb 18, 2009
CradlePoint CTR500 Router with Verizon USB727 & KPC680

Cradlepoint CTR500 Mobile Router is Demonstrated and shown with the Verizon USB727 and KPC680 ExpressCard. See how...

Feb 18, 2009
Verizon USB727 vs PC5750 Wireless Internet Comparison compares the Novatel USB727 USB mobile broadband modem and the Pantech PC5750 PCMCIA mobile...

Feb 18, 2009
Verizon Card Comparison: Novatel USB727 vs Kyocera KPC680 reviews the Verizon Novatel USB727 USB mobile broadband modem and the Kyocera KPC680 mobile...

Feb 17, 2009
Video Comparison of the UM175 & USB727 for Verizon. compares the UTStarcom UM175 and the Novatel USB727 USB Mobile Broadband modems. See which one...

Feb 17, 2009
Free Pantech UM175 USB Card for Verizon Video Review reviews the UTStarcom UM175 USB mobile broadband modem.