Don Mackay's videos (6)

Oct 4, 2010
The Rocking Super Soaker - Caitlyn Joanna and Kayle

In this video it shows how when dry ice sublimes it causes water to shoot out with great force.

Oct 4, 2010
Floating Bubbles

Dr. Don had us to a dry ice experiment called Floating Bubbles

Oct 1, 2010
A Cascading Water Fountain

The Cascading Water Fountain is simple to create. This video will explain the four different materials needed to make...

Oct 3, 2008
Bubbles Floating on Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is denser than air and so bubbles (filled with air) will float in an acquarium filled with CO2.

Oct 3, 2008
Dry Ice Bubble Art

Make a piece of art by mixing dry ice, paint, and water. Ok, it's not da Vinci, but it's fun.

Oct 3, 2008
Soda Erruption with Dry Ice

Add a piece of dry ice to a 2 liter bottle of soda and stand back.