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Dec 29, 2008
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

F. X. Pi-Sunyer, MD defines metabolic syndrome and obesity and discusses the design and preliminary results of the...

Dec 29, 2008
GABAB and Other Brain Receptors

S. Enna, PhD. Discussing structure, function and clinical role of GABAB receptors in the central nervous system....

Dec 29, 2008
Treatment of Depression

P. Skolnick, PhD - Depression is a highly heterogenous disorder. Currently available therapy is not sufficiently...

Dec 29, 2008
Drug Development: Perspective and Strategy

R. Ruffolo, PhD - Wyeth’s pipeline has 11 potential anti-Alzheimer drugs, including two vaccines and two biotech...

Dec 29, 2008
Endothelial Function

P. M. Vanhoutte, MD, PhD - Discussion of the importance of endothelium for vascular function, of endothelial factors...

Dec 29, 2008
Endothelial Dysfunction

D. Heistad, MD - Cardiovascular risk factors are associated with endothelial dysfunction. COX-1 inhibition may...

Aug 5, 2008
Translational Medicine

J.E. Barrett, PhD. - Translational medicine attempts to translate basic research findings to medical need. There is a...

Aug 4, 2008
Treatment of Psychosis

D. Schoepp. - There is a medical need for novel antipsychotic drugs. Currently available drugs modulate dopamine...

Aug 4, 2008
Female Fertility

E.Seli, MD pioneered the use of RAMAN spectroscopy in embryo assessment after in vitro fertilization. The procedure...