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Aug 6, 2008
Arnaldo Caruso (Cardiac Disease Session)

"Infection of human blood and lymphatic endothelial cells by human herpesvirus-6 is associated with profound changes...

Aug 4, 2008
Dirk Lassner (Cardiac Disease Session)

"Human herpesvirus-6 subtypes in patients with acquired cardiomyopathies and heart failure symptoms" 6th...

Aug 4, 2008
L Maximillian Buja (Cardiac Disease Session)

"Overview of viral myocarditis" 6th International Conference on HHV-6 & 7 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA Day 2 - June...

Jul 30, 2008
Jonathan Kerr (Parvovirus B-19 Session)

"Stress and parvovirus B-19 associated arthritis and chronic fatigue" International Symposium on Viruses in Chronic...

Jul 30, 2008
Jonathan Kerr (Microarray Studies Session)

"Gene expression subtypes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" International Symposium on Viruses in Chronic Fatigue...

Jul 29, 2008
Louis Flamand (Diagnostic Assays Session)

"Multicenter comparison of PCR assays for the detection of human herpesvirus-6 DNA in serum" 6th International...

Jul 29, 2008
Jens Milbradt (Treatment Session)

"Sensitivity of HHV-6 and other human herpesviruses towards the pluripotent drug Artesunate" 6th International...