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Open Access

To quote Wikipedia "Open access (OA) is free, immediate, permanent, full-text, online access, for any user, web-wide,...

Structural Bioinformatics

Structural Bioinformatics is a field of study that uses data on macromolecular structures such as proteins, DNA, RNA,...

Scientific Writing

A site for resources on scientific writing, mostly for journals and grants, but also for the general public.

The Paradox and Science

Presentation of topic poster- The Universe Framed With Respect to Paradox: Is Memory Physically All That Exists?...

Comedy - Science - Humor

The world is a funny, funny place. How else can you explain helium’s ability to improve your singing voice, the...


The SciVee neuroscience community. Studying everything from neurons to brains, invertebrate and vertebrate.

RNA interference, miRNA, siRNA

Scientists publishing on RNAi, siRNA, miRNA are encouraged to contribute to this community


Biophysics is an interdisciplinary area merging different expertises. Here is the starting tentative to aggregate...