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Jun 18, 2008
Examining Fire Safety of On-Campus Housing or Your Room is a Mess!

A University of Maryland undergraduate Gemstone team shows how the typical dorm room can be a fire hazard and how to...

Jun 18, 2008
The Real Lab: Orthopaedic Mechanobiology

University of Maryland students take a fun look into the "real lab" life of three biomechanical engineering...

Jun 17, 2008
Introduction to Plasma

Great visuals and a clear explanation of the fourth state of matter, by University of Maryland materials science...

Jun 20, 2008
Bringing the Future to the Present: Flexible Macroelectronics

Cell phones that can bend and roll? University of Maryland undergraduates Jonathan Chung and Ed Dechamphai are...

Jun 16, 2008
Research in the Autonomous Vehicle Lab, University of Maryland

How flying robots imitate insects, explained by University of Maryland aerospace engineering graduate students Joe...

Jun 18, 2008
Thin-Film Deposition - The Next Generation of Video Games

A University of Maryland physics major takes you into his lab to show you how the little films that create video...

Jun 18, 2008
MX-2 Space Suit Analogue

University of Maryland undergraduates Ali Husain, Heather Bradshaw and Adam Mirvis make a splash with their research...

Jun 17, 2008
Understanding Fire Phenomena

Why things burn, with super video of flame, by University of Maryland fire protection engineering graduate students...

Jun 18, 2008

University of Maryland undergraduate Kyu Jang studies materials that might help him design cars of the future.