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Jun 2, 2008
Introduction to the USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project Presentations

Keith Pezzoli introduces the USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project Presentations. For more information please...

Jun 2, 2008
LEED criteria in theory and practice

Mentored by Greg Nelson students Hooman Bamdad, Sean Mayer, Keri Robinson, Scott Roehrick present their work on...

Jun 2, 2008
Education policy, culture and social justice

Mentored by Cecil Lytle students Emily Lipoma, Kevin Mann, Rowena Ramos and Yolanda Richards present their work on...

Jun 2, 2008
Using multimedia to present your work online

Harrison Watts speaks to the USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project Presenters about the use of multimedia to...

Jun 2, 2008
Participatory methods and civic engagement in community-based development

Mentored by Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell students Danielle Goldman, Serena Ip, Adelina Tancioco, Rebecca Reyes and Robert...

Jun 2, 2008
Redevelopment in critical perspective: political economy and decision-making

Mentor Isaac Martin leads Ted Faturos, Amanda Lazerus, Steven Mateer, Robin Teager, and Midori Wong to present their...

Jun 2, 2008
Smart growth and new urbanism

Mentored by Michael Stepner students Lisa Chau, Juliet Oh, Willy Staley and Danny Yunpresent their work on "Smart...

Jun 2, 2008
Greening of UCSD

Mentored by John Dillot students Everlynne Lleva, Elyse Sanchez, Rahul Sharma, present "Greening of UCSD" for the...

Jul 1, 2008
Michael Hibbard (ACSP 2007 Plenary Talk)

Taking the Helm as Incoming ACSP President, A Forward-Looking Perspective

Oct 18, 2009
186 Assignment #5: Proposal-- First Draft

Your research proposal should present a well defined topic and research strategy for your SRP. A good proposal has a...

Jun 19, 2008
Bruce Stiftel ACSP 2007(Interview by Keith Pezzoli)

Reflections on GPEAN and the significance of internationalizing planning education and research

Jun 2, 2008
Affordable housing development strategies

Mentored by Nico Calavita students Jason R Goltiao, Kendra McBean, Nohelia Patel and Claire Tuttle present their work...

Jun 2, 2008
Valuing bicycling and walking as an alternative means of transportation

Mentored by Chris Kluth students Cory Anderson, Carol Feucht, Sara Ortiz, and Brady Ruebusch present their work on...

Jun 2, 2008
Regional heritage in architecture and urban design

Mentored by Teddy Cruz students Emma Feeney, Jamie Intervalo, Nathaniel Kwak and Charles Liu present their work on...