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Mar 6, 2008
WSM - Wave Structure of Matter - Overview

WSM is used to mean the concept of matter really being fully explicable as spherical standing wave structures. By...

Mar 3, 2008
History of Economic Cycles (~1800-2000)

Cycles Research is not a commonly studied subject and yet there are definite trends in history in the finding of...

Feb 28, 2008
Resonance: Radio, Wineglasses, Opera Singers and Cycles

Resonance is the quality of transmitting even tiny signals between systems that are tuned to the same frequency....

Feb 22, 2008
586 Million Year Cycle in Geology Matches Galactic Super-Cluster Spacings

The longest geological cycle identified is described as about 600 million years in "Megacycles", the proceedings of a...

Feb 22, 2008
Galaxy-Quasar Associations: Is the Big Bang Bung?

When we see a galaxy and a quasar near each other in the sky, it might be because they are really near each other, or...

Feb 20, 2008
Harmonic Cloud Patterns on Jupiter

Regularly spaced clouds appear in Jupiter's belts, sometimes white spots and sometimes swirling waves. A polar...