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Apr 25, 2008
Sleeping Beauty Invades Rat's Genome

Knockouts are not just for Mice anymore. Aron Geurts and Howard Jacob from the Medical College of Wisconsin talk...

Dec 4, 2009
An introduction to the Ratmine database

This video provides a brief introduction to the new Ratmine ( data warehouse and data mining...

Mar 28, 2008
Interview with Computational Biologist and SciVee Cofounder Phil Bourne

Prof. Simon Twigger of the Medical College of Wisconsin asked me to visit for a day in January of 2008. We started...

Feb 28, 2008
Installing and using the BioBar toolbar for Firefox

This video shows how to install and use the BioBar toolbar on Firefox. This is a nifty addition to the browser that...

Jul 11, 2008
Finding polymorphic Rat SNPs using RGD's SNPlotyper tool

This screencast shows how to identify polymorphic SNPs between different rat strains using RGD's SNPlotyper tool and...

Mar 14, 2008
Two quick tips to stay on top of literature and other online information...

Behind in the literature? Losing track of valuable web pages and information you found online? This brief video shows...

Apr 17, 2009
Changes in Scholarly Communication and the Potential Impact on Biocuration

Audio recording of Phil Bourne's plenary lecture at the 3rd International BioCurator meeting in Berlin, April 17th...

Jun 25, 2009
Data Curation in Biology – Past, Present and Future

This is an audio recording of Janet Thornton's keynote presentation at the Third International BioCurator Society...