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Sep 27, 2007
Ten Simple Rules for Good Presentations

Professor Philip Bourne, Editor-in-Chief of Public Library of Science (PLoS) Computational Biology, talks about the...

Jul 19, 2007
Structural Evolution of the Protein Kinase–Like Superfamily

The protein kinase family is large and important, but it is only one family in a larger superfamily of homologous...

Aug 24, 2007
Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published

he student council ( of the International Society for Computational Biology asked me to...

Sep 24, 2007
Ten Simple Rules for Getting Grants

This piece follows an earlier Editorial, “Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published” [1], which has generated...

Sep 20, 2007
Multipolar representation of protein structure

Background That the structure determines the function of proteins is a central paradigm in...

Aug 11, 2008
Rethinking proteasome evolution: two novel bacterial proteasomes.

The proteasome is a multisubunit structure that degrades proteins. Protein degradation is an essential component of...

Jun 3, 2010
Beyond the PDF

A brief description of a project for why and how we will begin to crowd source the electronic printing press of the...

Jul 26, 2009
Oct 8, 2007
An Overview of SciVee

Co-founder of SciVee, Phil Bourne, gives an overview of what the SciVee project and website is about.

Oct 4, 2010
SDSC 25th Anniversary

How SDSC has Aided the Bourne Laboratory

Dec 10, 2008
Overview of SciVee by Phil Bourne

Co-founder of SciVee, Phil Bourne, gives an updated overview of what the SciVee project and website is about.

Apr 21, 2010
Open Access Week 2010: A Message from Phil Bourne

This Journal and the Public Library of Science (PLoS) at large are standard bearers of the full potential offered...

Mar 28, 2008
Interview with Computational Biologist and SciVee Cofounder Phil Bourne

Prof. Simon Twigger of the Medical College of Wisconsin asked me to visit for a day in January of 2008. We started...

Nov 10, 2008
Dr. Phil Bourne, Open Access Day 2008 address

OA Content the Future of Scientific Publishing presentation by Phil Bourne at SPARC - Open Access Day 2008