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May 5, 2008
Disease Detectors - Partners Video Magazine

Scientists have developed nanoscale biosensors that can help detect diseases on farms and in hospitals. Disease...

May 5, 2008
New Skin - Partners Video Magazine

Scientists in Illinois are using corn protein to create new skin and deliver medicine through nanotubes. New Skin is...

May 5, 2008
Following the Flow - Partners Video Magazine

Researchers are discovering how nano-scale tracers can uncover the sources of pollution in America's farm fields and...

May 5, 2008
Super Cloth - Partners Video Magazine

Using nanotechnology, Cornell scientists created a fabric that can detect biohazards like E. coli and other...

Feb 26, 2008
Microbial Observatory - Partners Video Magazine

Researcher Jo Handelsman runs microbial observatories in Wisconsin and Alaska and studies underground microbes...

Feb 26, 2008
Vineyard Wizards - Partners Video Magazine

UC-Berkeley's Yoram Rubin is helping California wine growers map precious water vital to growing the best grapes by...

Feb 26, 2008
Serious Sediment - Partners Video Magazine

Rutgers' Donna Fennell is reclaiming chlorine-contaminated sediments in New Jersey 's urban Meadowlands through smart...

Jan 8, 2008
Switchgrass Science - Partners Video Magazine

At the University of Tennessee, switchgrass is all the buzz - a plant that's farmer & environment-friendly, and a...

Jan 7, 2008
Fats to Fuel - Partners Video Magazine

A Small Business Innovation Research grant results in technology that efficiently recycles industrial fats into...

Jan 7, 2008
Super Yeast - Partners Video Magazine

Purdue has modified a yeast that breaks down sugars of straw and corn waste for more cost-effective ethanol...

Jan 7, 2008
Power of Green - Partners Video Magazine

UC-Berkeley is unlocking the chemical power of green algae for clean hydrogen fuel that eliminates air-polluting...