Jun 17, 2008
Heading Due South

Scripps researchers gather geomagnetic signs to determine if Earth's magnetic field is currently headed toward a...

Dec 19, 2007
The (Ralph) Keeling Curve

After two decades watching atmospheric oxygen levels drop, a Scripps researcher's conclusions about climate could...

Nov 17, 2008
Rising Tide

It’s not the extra few feet of water that make sea level rise so dangerous. It’s the extra few feet during a...

Jul 20, 2009
Discovering Diversity In The Tropics

Scripps researchers hunt for exotic medicine sources in Panama's diverse richness

Jan 30, 2008
The Keeling Curve Turns 50

The inception of the "Keeling Curve," a history of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, marked a key moment in American...

Jan 8, 2008
The Cloudmakers

Biological activity in the oceans might make the difference between clear skies and cloudy, Scripps researchers say.

Jan 23, 2008
Emperors of the Extreme

Emperor penguins can flourish in locales where few other animals roam. But scientists now wonder if they can adapt to...

Dec 17, 2007
Second Century of Discovery

An introduction to the history and science of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

Jan 7, 2008
History's Warming

An ancient global warming episode drastically changed the planet. Life on Earth needed 200,000 years to recover. What...

Jan 8, 2008
Saving Venice

The historic city calls upon Scripps and a multifaceted team of experts to help decipher the mysteries lying beneath...

Dec 22, 2008
Green Bullet

Scientists take aim with tiny algae and their giant promise as the biofuel solution of the future

Jan 8, 2008
The Shaky Future of the Salton Sea

A former desert oasis faces environmental challenges, a water crisis and someday the Big One. Why we can't let the...

Oct 14, 2008
Buried at Sea

Scripps researchers are studying CO2 sequestration to determine if it is a viable solution to combat global warming.

Feb 15, 2008
Deeply Connected

Scripps scientists explore Earth's final frontier