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Jun 18, 2011
Feature curation - version beta

This is part of the genes4all package. Showing how users can curate genes using GMOD DBSF and genes4all

Aug 5, 2010
How to use the genes4all RNAi experiment module

Genes4all is a visualization module for the [ Drupal] CMS. It is species and data-type neutral. This...

Aug 5, 2010
Installing and using the Drupal Bioinformatics Software Bench

The Bioinformatic Software Bench (BSB) for Drupal allows for a rapid and secure deployment of bioinformatic software....

Aug 5, 2010
Installing the GMOD Drupal Bioinformatics Server Framework

The Drupal Bioinformatics Server Framework (DBSF) is a set of routines for building bioinformatic tools for the...