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Warren Lathe
Industry Researcher
San Francisco
Research Interests:
Biology, Biotechnology, Computational Biology, Computing, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics and Genomics, Molecular Biology, People & Society, Science Policy, genomics, bioinformatics
About OpenHelix:
I am the Chief Scientific Officer for OpenHelix, a genomics training and research company dedicated to training biologists and biomedical professions how to find, access and use the wealth of genomics data and bioinformatics tools publicly available online.

I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Rochester and did a postdoc in the Peer Bork lab at EMBL (bacterial gene order and human variation and protein structure). My interests are comparative genomics and evolutionary biology, among other things.

I and we at OpenHelix have a number of free genomics resource tutorials funded by the providers , over 90 bioinformatics and genomics tutorials available by subscription, quick reference cards for select resources, provide free on-site workshops on several resources such as the UCSC Genome Browser (and custom workshops for reasonable fees) and much more.

Additionally, OpenHelix keeps a blog of genomics and bioinformatics resources news and informations. Every Wednesday we post a video Tip of the Week along with much of our other blog content.

I'll be putting up these tips every week and gathering other excellent tutorials on genomics and bioinformatics found here at SciVee in our community: Genomics Resource Training.

Free tutorials:
List of all tutorials:
Free Quick Reference Cards:
Publications in PubMed
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Lathe, W., Williams, J., Mangan, M. & Karolchik, D. (2008) Genomic Data Resources: Challenges and Promises. Nature Education 1(3)