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34 Fleming Street 16672, Vari Greece
Research Interests:
Biology, immunology, molecular biology, genetics, molecular oncology, animal models, Transgenic Mice
About fleming:
The Biomedical Sciences Research Center "Alexander Fleming" is a governmental, non-profit institution with a history closely linked to the Greek Foundation for Basic Biological Research "Alexander Fleming". The Center started its research functions in 1998 and is today actively involved in research areas covering immunology, molecular biology and genetics and molecular oncology.
BSRC Fleming has staffed its laboratories with leading researchers and has achieved international acclaim for its cutting-edge research in disease modeling via transgenesis, cellular immunology, transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, inter- and intracellular signaling, functional genomics and stem cell biology.

To date, the Center has developed three out of its five research Institutes:

Institute of Immunology
Institute of Molecular Biology & Genetics
Institute of Molecular Oncology
Institute of Microbiology-Virology
Institute of Cellular & Developmental Biology