Feb 16, 2011
Synaptic Land - The Movie

The story of how two behavioral neuroscience graduate students from Oregon Health & Science University conceived and...

Feb 16, 2011
Would You Like to Be a Mentor?

Introduction to mentoring opportunities for biomedical science students at Charles Drew University of Medicine and...

Feb 14, 2011
Rough Edit for Content Review: Magnets and Magnetism

Video Rough Edit for Content Review: Attention Magnetic Mentors! Please view this footage from the Kids Judge! LA...

Feb 13, 2011
One Way to Structure an Hour in an Elementary Classroom.

A fourth grade teacher describes strategies she uses to structure individual lessons in her elementary school...

Feb 13, 2011
Elementary Classroom Management Techniques

Tips for scientists, from a fourth grade teacher, on how to gain and keep the attention of students in an elementary...

Feb 13, 2011
Teaching Vocabulary

Mrs. Thai, a fourth grade teacher, shares tips for how to teach science vocabulary with biomedical science students...

Feb 13, 2011
Making Connections

For children to learn unfamiliar concepts they must be able to connect this new information with examples from their...

Feb 13, 2011
Checking for Understanding

A critical aspect of teaching is checking whether or not your students understand what you are trying to communicate....

Feb 13, 2011
Would You Like to Be a Scientist?

Third and fourth grade children were asked "Would you like to be a scientist when you grow up?" We documented their...