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Jan 7, 2011
Intestinal microbiota and human health

The central objective of the MetaHit project is to establish associations between the genes of the human intestinal...

Jan 6, 2011
Novel antimalarial drug development

The main objective of the AntiMal Integrated Project is to generate novel antimalarial drugs with potential for use...

Jan 6, 2011
Joint efforts in the fight against stroke

The exploration of neurovascular dysfunction and the perfection of thrombolytic therapy in stroke are two core areas...

Jan 7, 2011
Antibiotic resistant hospital bacteria

MOSAR aims to significantly advance our knowledge regarding the control of antimicrobial resistance of bacteria...

Jan 6, 2011
Dogs help to decode human DNA

Dogs are more than man’s best friends; they can help us unravelling the genetic of diseases such as cancer,...

Jan 6, 2011
New heart valve development for children

The general objective of the LifeValve project is to develop a new therapeutic strategy to treat heart valve disease....

Jan 7, 2011
How to define human biological age

Towards establishing biomarkers of human ageing “European Study to Establish Biomarkers of Human Ageing...

Jan 5, 2011
Nasal vaccine against whooping cough

Despite large coverage with efficacious vaccines, whooping cough is still a major cause of global childhood morbidity...

Jan 5, 2011
European Research for diabetes patients

The prevalences of obesity, Type 2 diabetes and the metablic syndrome are rising rapidly both in Europe and...