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Aug 30, 2010
DNA Extraction from Mouse Tail

Abnova - DNA extraction is a routine procedure to collect DNA for subsequent molecular analysis. This video shows you...

Aug 30, 2010
Cell Fixation

Abnova - The cells must be fixed and permeabilized to ensure free access of the antibody to its antigen. Fixation...

Aug 30, 2010
Blood Smear

Abnova - A blood smear gives information about the number and shape of blood cells. To perform a blood smear, two...

Aug 26, 2010
MTT Assay

Abnova - MTT assay allows assessing the viability and the proliferation of cells. This is a colorimetric assay that...

Aug 26, 2010
Mouse Genotyping

Abnova - Genotyping is the process of determining the genes (genotype) of an individual by examining its DNA with the...

Aug 26, 2010
Protemist DTII® - Operation

Abnova - Protemist® DT II is a new generation, fully automated, robotic desktop protein synthesize. It synthesizes...

Aug 26, 2010
Emulsification (CFA and IFA)

Abnova - Emulsification is a process to mix adjuvants and immunogen. Adjuvants are mixed and injected with an antigen...

Aug 19, 2010
Serial Dilution

Abnova - A serial dilution is a series of simple dilutions which amplifies the dilution factor quickly beginning with...

Aug 19, 2010
Gene Map Viewer

Abnova - Map Viewer allows you to view and search complete genome of an organism, display chromosome maps, and zoom...

Aug 19, 2010
Gene Homology

Abnova - HomoloGene database identifies homologs among the annotated genes of more than a dozen completely sequenced...

Aug 12, 2010
Gene SNP

Abnova - dbSNP resource serves both as a repository for genomic variation data (including single nucleotide...

Aug 12, 2010
Gene Pathway

Abnova - Gene pathway represents molecular pathways for metabolism, genetic information processing, environmental...

Aug 9, 2010
Chimera RNA Interference

Abnova - Chimera RNAi is a process by which small interfering RNA/DNA chimera triggers the destruction of mRNA. The...

Aug 5, 2010
Volume Estimation in Pipette Tips

Abnova - It is important to get a feel for the appearance of volume levels of pipette tips. We show you how to...