NISO-BISG Standards Landscape: Michael Smith on IDPF and EPUB

submitted by: TAC_NISO

Michael Smith, Executive Director of the International Digital Publishing Forum, presents on the EPUB standard during the NISO/BISG Standards Landscape Forum at the American Library Association. More information about the program is available at:

Metadata Driven Analysis: Global Warming and EcoTrends

submitted by: LTER_NetworkOffice_is
We show the value of documenting your ecological and biological data files with rich-content, quality metadata that conforms to a common specification, such as the Ecological Metadata Language (EML). Here we demonstrate a couple of synthesis analysis projects that corroborate and expand scientific findings. The analysis was carried out fast due to the availability of standardized metadata records (in EML). We also show how to use the EcoTrends store front, for long-term ecological...

BioExtract Server

submitted by: clushbou

Data Access,analysis, storage and workflow creation.

Getting started with the Ecological Metadata Language

submitted by: LTER_NetworkOffice_is

This short clip shows you how to use Ecological Metadata Language to document your ecological data.
Specifically, it tells you how to download EML, what tools can you use to edit/enter EML metadata, and as an example, it shows how you would use oXygen to create a simple EML document, that is, a metadata record with very basic info such as a title, an abstract, contact info for the organization owning the data set and the point of contact information.

Inserting an EML-taxonomy fragment into another EML document

submitted by: LTER_NetworkOffice_is

This 2 min 40 secs clip shows how to insert an EML fragment containing taxonomy-related information into another EML document

The Rapidly Growing Standards Landscape in ‘omics by Susanna Sansone, European Bioinformatics Institute

submitted by: dougramsey
As the size and complexity of scientific datasets and the corresponding information stores grow, reporting standards are playing an increasingly active role. Interopera bility among standards, however, becomes pivotal for the development of software applications. Here we present the key synergistic standards activities in the omics domain and the motivation for, an overview of, the BioInvestigation Index infrastructure at the EBI. The marriage of conventional methods with (meta)genomics,...