História do Trabalho

submitted by: eaduems

vídeo sobre a história do trabalho

The Appliance of Science

submitted by: michaelmcroskey

This short video follows an average person throughout their day as they use science in ways they don't even realize. Science is everywhere, and that's why it is cool!

100 Years of Houben-Weyl and Science of Synthesis

submitted by: thomaskrimmer

Video about the development of Houben-Weyl, the major reference work in organic methodology. With interviews of Professors Sharpless, Noyori, and Schaumann as well as publisher Hauff, owner of Thieme Publishing Group.

a High-Resolution Three-Dimensional View Of The Developing Acinus

submitted by: habi

My second year examination for the PhD Programme in Cellular and Biomedical Sciences

A High-Resolution Three-Dimensional View Of The Developing Acinus

submitted by: habi

My talk about how to increase the Field of View of tomographic microscopy and the application of it on the structure of the developing acinus/terminal airways.

How Might S Geno and M Geno Work Together for Getting to Biological Function?

submitted by: dougramsey

Metagenomics 2008 Discussion/Breakouts: Moderator: John Wooley, Chair, Metagenomics 2008, et. al.

Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published

submitted by: Phil
he student council ( http://www.iscbsc.org/ ) of the International Society for Computational Biology asked me to present my thoughts on getting published in the field of computational biology at the Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology conference held in Detroit in late June of 2005. Close to 200 bright young souls (and a few not so young) crammed into a small room for what proved to be a wonderful interchange among a group of whom approximately one-half had yet to publish their first...
Authors: Philip e Bourne