Sex Differences in Math-Intensive Fields

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Despite impressive employment gains in many fields of science, women remain underrepresented in fields requiring intensive use of mathematics. Here we discuss three potential explanations for women’s underrepresentation: (a) male–female mathematical and spatial ability gaps, (b) sex discrimination, and (c) sex differences in career preferences and lifestyle choices. Synthesizing findings from psychology, endocrinology, sociology, economics, and education leads to the conclusion that,...
Authors: Stephen Ceci, Wendy Williams

Networks, Systems and Biocomplexity - What Networks Can and Cannot Tell Us

submitted by: WomenInBioinformatics
Tarynn Witten, Ph.D. Director of Research & Development, Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, Virginia Commonwealth University. For the bulk of the history of biology and biomedicine, reductionism was the principle mode of investigation. While Ecologists caught on to the idea of systems in the late 1800's, Systems Biology, as a discipline, has not really emerged until the past decade when "omic hierarchical" data became readily available in online databases and through various...

Sally Ride: First American Woman in Space

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