Why Science is Cool!

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A classroom goes funky when an assignment inspires a beat. Science is cool, Word!

Why Science is Cool- How Physics Affect Basketball

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The self-proclaimed Newton's Ballers introduce two important components of the physics behind the game that has inspired countless souls, basketball. Including an original rap, a 360 degree dunk, and slow motion shots, we truly hope that the crew has done an outstanding job of arousing interest among viewers, and of encapsulating the essence of why science is cool. (Please note that we do understand that the two topics/lessons covered in the video were done so semi-briefly and without too...

You Gotta Have Science!

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Why is science is cool? What do these things have in common ... explosions, roller coasters, rockets, Tesla coils, cell phones, and Diet Coke and Mentos? Without science, they wouldn't exist! Brother and sister, Truman and Sydney Clark, explain why science is not only important but also pretty cool.
This video is an entry in the USA Science and Engineering Festival, Kavli Science Video Contest.
Video written, created, and directed by homeschoolers Sydney and Truman Clark

Why Science is Cool

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Five boys from John Poole Middle School explain why science is cool from their perspective.

Anthony Livingston "Why Science is Cool"

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This video is for the Kavli Video contest

Science is Cool

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This video is a music video created to discuss and encourage people to explore science.

Science in Our Lives

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Shows that science is cool and very involved in our everyday life.

Clarke' Snell - Why Science Is Cool

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Sure you could cover different singular aspects of science...inventions, concepts, and people...but why not talk about ALL the aspects combined! When you do, you realize science is pretty darn cool...

Topic - Why Science Is Cool
Starring - Clarke' Snell (as herself)
- Clarke' Snell (as a nerdy teacher)
Song - Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby)

representing Keystone National High School and the KSNH Bio Club

Science is So Fly

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Yo, check out our cool science rap!
Rappers include amazing Bergen County Academies teachers and students! Oh snap!

Science is cool

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Why Science is cool