The Yoyo Has Stopped: Reviewing the Evidence for a Low Basal Human Protein Number

submitted by: cdsouthan

A review of the evidence for the number of basal (unspliced) proteins in the human genome, based on a data snapshot 2003/4. In fact only the second half of the slides are in the video as there was a power cut about 10 minutes in!

Metaproteomics as a key technology for characterizing the human microbiome Nathan C. VerBerkmoes, Oak Ridge National Labs

submitted by: dougramsey
The human microbiome is a complex system of many microbial communities inhabiting a diversity of environmental niches throughout the human body. With at least an order of magnitude more cells and even greater diversity of genetic potential these microbial communities continually interact with the human host cells in complex but controlled manner that lead to normal human health. Our knowledge of the structure and function of these communities and the interactions with the human host is...