MICW - Scalability of Comparative Analysis, Novel Algorithms and Tools: Weizhong Li

submitted by: JGI

San Diego Supercomputer Center's Weizhong Li on "Effective Analysis of NGS Metagenomic Data with Ultra-fast Clustering Algorithms" at the Metagenomics Informatics Challenges Workshop held at the DOE JGI on October 12-13, 2011.

Accessing the Metatranscriptome for Complex Marine Microbial Communities

submitted by: dougramsey
Sequencing the expressed genetic information of an ecosystem (metatranscriptome) can provide information about the response of organisms to varying environ mental conditions. Until recently, metatranscriptomics has been limited to microarray technology and random cloning methodologies. The application of high-throughput sequencing technology is now enabling access to both known and previously unknown transcripts in natural com munities. We present a study of a complex marine meta...