DAS Registry Update,Jonathan Warren- DAS Workshop 2011

submitted by: Jonathan_Warren

The DAS Registry is a list of DAS servers available around the world. This is a talk listing the updated features of the registry found at www.dasregistry.org

Installing and using the Drupal Bioinformatics Software Bench

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submitted by: alpapan
The Bioinformatic Software Bench (BSB) for Drupal allows for a rapid and secure deployment of bioinformatic software. The BLAST, InterProScan, SSAHA2 and annot8r software are provided by default and plugins for new software can be readily written. An innovative graphical user interface guides both end-user and administration of the software, including the secure provision of pre-publication datasets. It is available from http://drupal.org/project/biosoftware_bench or...

Installing the GMOD Drupal Bioinformatics Server Framework

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The Drupal Bioinformatics Server Framework (DBSF) is a set of routines for building bioinformatic tools for the Drupal Content Management System ( http://drupal.org ). This project is tightly integrated with GMOD ( http://www.gmod.org ) and utilized the Chado database schema. It is freely available as GPLv3. This screencast shows you how to install Drupal and GMOD-DBSF.

Geospatial Web Services

submitted by: ddnebert

An introduction to geospatial web services including the various types of geospatial web services, how they work, and their importance to interoperability.

BioPortal REST Services Demonstration

submitted by: skanel

This is a demonstration of BioPortal REST Services Demonstration, including Access Search Annotate and Heirarchy.

State and Regional Hydrologic Information Systems - presentation by David Maidment & David Tarboton

submitted by: cmatiuk
Maidment & Tarboton: The CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System enables water data to be delivered through the internet in a common language called WaterML, which describes time series of observations measured at a point locations for quantities such as streamflow, water quality, climate and groundwater conditions. Collections of water observations data from a variety of sources are stored in the CUAHSI Observations Data Model and published in WaterML as CUAHSI water data web services....

The CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System Version 1.0.

submitted by: cmatiuk

CUAHSI 12/1/2006 Cyberseminar presentation by David Maidment, University of Texas, Austin