LeviCar -- the New Future of Personal Transportation

submitted by: DrZev
LeviCar is a system of modular personal cars that can be driven on the road, or go 300 mph on a Magnetic-Levitation rail. It will revolutionize personal transportation. Likewise, RoboTrail will revolutionize freight transportation using the same MagLev rail network. It is a synthesis of several ideas, including Danby and Powell's superconducting MagLev system from the 1960s, and GM's more-recent AUTOnomy project. See http://www.LeviCar.com

Lightweight Energy Efficient Self Balancing Two Wheel Car or Transporter

submitted by: Clem
The Video shows a demonstration model of a self balancing two wheel car. The "car" would be very, very much lighter than our current cars, and use much less fuel, with consequent reductions of energy, and therefore the production of green house gases. The vehicle could run on electricity, or have a small petrol/gas motor. Indeed, the wheels themselves could be part of a large electric motor. The video shows quite a small cabin in between the wheels - I would envision a larger cabin -...

My All Electric Car called "Gizmo"

submitted by: animan109

For the last 7 years I have been driving an environmentally responsible car called the "Gizmo". In terms of performance with respect to fossil fuels, it gets the equivalent of 150 miles per gallon!