Decoding the Riddle of Mental Illness

submitted by: JohnLaMuth
Decoding the Riddle of Mental Illness through an overall communicational dynamic. The communicational factors underlying mental illness remain one of mankind's most enduring mysteries. Mental illness is primarily regarded as a physical disorder or a chemical imbalance, although clear-cut signs within the brain have eluded convincing documentation. Indeed, the most obvious outward signpost is a disturbance in the ability to communicate in an interpersonal sense, often in an exaggerated or...

Structural Biology Rap

submitted by: zach.cp
The determination of molecular structure at atomic resolution is one of the great triumphs of science. The techniques that are used to determine this information have reached a high level of maturity and sophistication and they are slowly being incorporated as routine techniques in laboratories all over the world. Molecular structure is used for the development of new medicines including personalized medicines. This is a music video overview of the three major techniques of structural...

The Feast

submitted by: maxblustin

A grubby young man makes himself a meal...with unexpected consequences.

The Leveraged Freedom Chair: a developing country wheelchair

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The purpose of the Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) project is to create a mobility aid specifically for developing countries. Conventional western-styled wheelchairs are nearly impossible to propel on the sandy roads and muddy walking paths frequently encountered in the developing world. The LFC has a variable mechanical advantage lever drivetrain that enables its user to travel 10-20% faster on tarmac than a conventional wheelchair, and off road like no other mobility aid available. The user...

mHealth - Infectious Disease in the Mobile Age

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
Mobile health or mHealth is part of a movement towards citizen-centered health services delivered through cellular technologies. Mobile phones in particular are becoming a first line of defense against emerging infectious diseases by keeping healthcare practitioners and the public informed about outbreaks. For individuals mHealth technologies can provide real-time monitoring of vital signs and even deliver treatment services in the form of risk assessments, medication regimens and doctor...