The Evolution of the Human Forebrain: Inputs from Environmental Factors

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The Evolution of the Human Forebrain occurs through the processes of Inputs via Environmental Factors and Phylogenetic Age. Here, The cytoarchitectonic subdivisions of both the thalamus and the neocortex are topographically defined in terms of the variables of phylogenetic age and input specificity. The cortical and thalamic parcellations of Brodmann, von Economo and Hassler are each quantitatively correlated to a specific Cartesian coordinate value designating discrete levels for both age...

AsiGrun - Green Paper Reciepts

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Look at the waste of paper in our everyday life...
Every purchase we make we get a useless paper receipt.
we suggest a green solution instead the traditional use of paper receipts!

Introducing Sourcemap: the Open Source Platform for Sustainability and Supply Chain Transparency

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How can we begin to make sustainable decisions without information about the products and services we buy? At Sourcemap, we believe you have a right to know where things come from and what they're made of. Sourcemap is a free and open platform for understanding the social and environmental impacts of modern supply chains. It is a rich social tool for crowd-sourcing information from producers, designers and consumers to build a comprehensive catalog of consumer products. Built-in...

Ecological Economics: Economy Out-Growing Earth

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This is a public awareness activist skit that was demonstrated on the streets of Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. Our current economic system relies on constant growth to ensure functionality. This skit is meant to show that infinite economic growth is unreasonable on a finite planet. Our Earth cannot keep up with our ever-increasing needs. While scientific progress will provide great advances in technology, innovation alone will never resolve the problem of the overconsumption of our...