Effects of vitamin C and D administration on mood and distress in acutely hospitalized patients

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Background: Hypovitaminosis C and D are highly prevalent in acute-care hospitals. Malnutrition with regard to these vitamins has been linked to mood disturbance and cognitive dysfunction. Objective: To determine whether vitamin C or D supplementation improves mood state or reduces psychological distress in acutely hospitalized patients with a high prevalence of hypovitaminosis C and D. Methods: Randomized, double-blind, active-control clinical trial comparing the effect of vitamin C (500...
Authors: Yifan Yang, Xing Jian Liu, Line Robitaille, Shaun Eintracht, Elizabeth MacNamara, L. John Hoffer

Vitamins: In The Elderly & Pregnant

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TV and the media want you to "Take Your Vitamins" but is this always the case?

Eminence Organic VitaSkin Vitamins For Skin Health

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Kind of a newer concept, but lets improve your skin's beauty from the inside out. In this video founder and owner of Eminence skincare Boldijarre Koronczay explains how to make your skin shine by taking internal supplements. http://www.skincarebyalana.com/eminence-organics/