Agrobiodiversity & Climate-Smart Landscapes for Improved Food Security under CC: Call for Increased South-South Collaboration

submitted by: UP Los Baños

Video of the plenary talk of Dr. Reinhold G. Muschler, Latin American Chair for Agroecology and Agrobiodiversity; Center for Agricultural Research and Higher Education, Costa Rica. Taken during the International Conference on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for Food and Environmental Security, 21-22 November 2012 at SEARCA, UPLB, College, Laguna Philippines

Farmers' Markets as Community-Based Health Interventions

submitted by: sal014
This research project set out to determine whether a farmers' market can serve as an effective intervention in the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity through expansion of access to fresh fruits and vegetables in communities with high levels of food insecurity. The use of a farmers' market as a community-based health intervention appeared to be a successful tool in the community of City Heights. Implementation of a farmers' market in similar communities may also...

Qualitative and quantitative loss assessment of high value food crops (Mango, banana, calamansi, carrots, cabbage and onion

submitted by: UP Los Baños

Report on the generation of baseline data on postharvest losses of selected food crops with the ultimate objective of providing a basis for formulating sound and tenable loss reduction programs in the Philippines.

Dr. Edralina P. Serrano
Crop Science Cluster
College of Agriculture
University of the Philippines Los Baños