Introduction to the USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project Presentations

submitted by: kpezzoli

Keith Pezzoli introduces the USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project Presentations. For more information please see:

Altering Practices in Design through Community Engagement

submitted by: tahlor.c
This project seeks to identify the benefits in altering current design practices to better social capital, particularly in marginalized communities. It will look at current uses of community engagement through the design process to further sustainability of communities and to build social capital, particularly in affordable housing communities. Through the close study of various Community Development Agencies, interviews with field experts, and comparison of case studies, I hope to establish...
Authors: Tahlor Cleveland

Student housing and its effect on student interaction

submitted by: llemusin
The purpose of my research is to learn more about the architectural design of residential communities and their influence in perpetuating or discouraging student engagement in on-campus university residences. Though some researchers suggest that individual desire increases student engagement, I suggest that the design of the community space is an even larger factor. This research design is centered on an observational study and survey at two common spaces located within a corridor and...

The Struggle of Establishing Authentic Demand in the Mist of Development

submitted by: Jessica Nevarez

Poster describing research done in USP 187

Public Participation: Importance of Community Participation in Creating a Neighborhood Plan for the Hillcrest Community

submitted by: caseyuy

It discusses the importance of public participation in the neighborhood planning process. The video also talks about the methods used to support the findings of the research.

Localizing agricultural distribution networks in San Diego County

submitted by: rsclar
Contemporary farming techniques come with considerable external social costs to the environment, food security, healthcare, and other public entities. Sustainable agricultural practices (SAP) offer solutions to many of these problems, however many aspects of SAP are hard to apply in a fashion which is environmentally and economically beneficial. Agricultural distribution localization shares many of the benefits of other SAP and is easier to put into practice because it can be implemented...

From Yesterday’s Novice Pre-Service Teachers to Tomorrow’s Educators

submitted by: chidang

Topic: Teacher Preparation Education
A Case Study of UCSD’s Masters in Education and Teaching Credential Program

Universal Design

submitted by: andredametz

Housing for People with Disabilities, the spatial analysis of Southcrest Neighborhhod in National City; an area that has the highest concentration of disabled residents and elderly in San Diego County.

Multimodal Transit: Transit Center Policy and Implementation

submitted by: mcouvrette

This study provides an evaluation of the San Diego Association of
Government’s (SANDAG) long range regional transit plan contained in San
Diego Regional Transportation Plan: Pathways of the Future 2030. More
specifically, the project addresses the policy and implementation of
multimodal transit systems.

The Effects of the MTS SuperLoop on UCSD-generated traffic

submitted by: NickFung

Measuring the effect of the MTS SuperLoop on car and shuttle traffic to UCSD