The ABC's of Science

submitted by: KarenSamKenz

Why is science cool? Because it's everywhere!! We'll show you 26 reasons (one for each letter of the alphabet) why science is cool!

Why is Science Cool?

submitted by: holtonarms

A fun and creative video explaining why different people think science is cool!

The Beauty of Science

submitted by: HoltonArms1

Our video depicts our opinion of why science is cool. The video reviews some of the projects we were able to participate in during our Intro to Engineering class.

Science Is COOL!

submitted by: flyboy11

This video explains why science is so cool.

Science is coooooooooooool!

submitted by: jslate93

In this video, i'm showing people why science is the best subject in school from blowing up things to building roller coasters!

Science is Cool!

submitted by: shekharpaudel

This video expresses my thoughts on why science is cool.
thank you online science community for providing me video clips and images

Through the Eyes of a Red and White Blood Cell

submitted by: rosnuno

This video explores the function of red and white blood cells, showing a 'day in the life' of each. It was developed, filmed, and edited entirely by four 8th graders who were in an after-school Science Zone class.

Why Science is Cool

submitted by: bbulawa

The Neighborhood After School Science Association tells why they think science is cool!!!!

What is Critical Thinking?

submitted by: nickmakesmovies
This video has a bunch of kids, young and old, talking about the importance of Critical Thinking. Trying to get adults to open thier minds a little. Director ... Nick Rua Music provided by Connum, from Cinematography ... Nick Rua Producer ................. Don Rua Featuring Devonte S. Dyllan K. Chris A. Taylor A. Nick R. Rob D. Riley R. Morgan W. Emily W. Tyler S. and special guest, Delaney R. from Special thanks to all of the...