Aliens Attack, Science Prevails!

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Aliens from the Alpha Bizarri star system land on Planet Earth. Unfortunately, in their language, the word "science" means "stinky garbage." So the aliens plan to eliminate all science from our planet! But just in time, a group of Super Scientists arrives to save the day, by showing the aliens how cool science is!

Magic of Life

submitted by: AlarEnsis

A quick (possible too much so) introduction to the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology (DNA to RNA to Protein) with fast audio and intuitive images.

Sharon Conglomerate

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GEOLOGY ROCKS!!! :D Mary Kazee, Jeremy Kazee and Jessica Herman originated the idea and filmed it. Becky Parkin, Interpretive Naturalist for Lake Metroparks, guided our hike and Michael Girbino helped edit our video. The rock scenes were filmed in Chapin Forest, in Kirtland, Ohio, and the dark segment is ACTUALLY the bonds breaking in the quartz!! How cool, right?

That's why science is cool!

submitted by: rgurkin

Kindergarteners sharing why they think science is cool.

Imagine the Possibilities

submitted by: Steven Bieber

A girl discovers the possibilities science holds.

This is Science!

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This video is a series of short clips that capture the aspects of science, and shows how it appears in everyday life.

Science is cool

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Why Science is cool

Science is Awesome -Stoichiometry and Gas Laws - WGHS

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The combustion of a compressed propane and air mixture is used to demonstrate the power of science by propelling a hardened steel dart through many phone-books - and nearly thorough a 1/2" thick steel plate.

Audio: Intermezzo, First Suite in Eb for Military Band by Gustav Holst

Why Science Is Cool_MacCartney

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For the Kavli Science Video Contest with numerous fields of science explored that exist in our lives everyday without our acknowledgement.

Technology grows with Science

submitted by: brandon_koziol

My video talks about science, and how science is cool. I went with the technology approach. The basic storyline to my video is without science, none of the technological advancements we have today would have occurred. My video expresses that science is all around us, science is everywhere everyday.