Science is Cool Rocks

submitted by: mehartman

Importance of rocks in everyday life as part of the rock cycle

Cool Space Science

submitted by: 753k

This video shows why science is cool. Science helps us do cool things like build spacesuits, lunar landers and all terrain rovers that allow us to explore space and other planets.

Science Rap

submitted by: gregwu

We did a rap about our love for science-included the subjects of chemistry, physics and biology

Why Science is Cool

submitted by: vs1056

Our video is a video that is trying to sell why science is cool. We have cool experiments in the video.

Tunable Photonic Gels

submitted by: GloucesterHigh-APchem
This demonstration illustrates physics, chemistry and engineering to all grade levels, from kindergarten through high school. Elementary students gain observation skills. Middle school students learn about elements, compounds, and mixtures plus physical and chemical changes. High school students gain knowledge of a variety of chemistry and physics features such as redox, chemical bonding, motion and forces and wavelengths.The hydrophobic block-hydrophilic polyelectrolyte block polymer gel...

Science is So Fly

submitted by: aisraj

Yo, check out our cool science rap!
Rappers include amazing Bergen County Academies teachers and students! Oh snap!

Crisis averted! Learning about Pitch

submitted by: teachertaylor2000

This is a video that teaches about pitch and sound, while saving the world from lasers.

Tornadoes in a bottle How- To

submitted by: teachertaylor2000

This is a video about how to make a really cool science toy- tornado in a bottle. They are sold in stores but you can make your own for free and its way cooler!

Science Is Cool

submitted by: jvteam101

This is a video on why science is so cool. It has lots of information and video about technology. Enjoy!

Aliens Attack, Science Prevails!

submitted by: kemin

Aliens from the Alpha Bizarri star system land on Planet Earth. Unfortunately, in their language, the word "science" means "stinky garbage." So the aliens plan to eliminate all science from our planet! But just in time, a group of Super Scientists arrives to save the day, by showing the aliens how cool science is!