The Scientific Breakdown

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What is science? Hint: it isn't just tests and lab goggles.

1. Why is the sky blue 2. Volcano eruption

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The video has 2 projects. The first one is demonstration of why the sky is blue.
The second project shows a home made volcano eruption, cool chemistry.

In The Lab

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Having fun in Chemistry Lab with several experiments.

Science Rules

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How science makes all of our everyday lives better.

Clarke' Snell - Why Science Is Cool

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Sure you could cover different singular aspects of science...inventions, concepts, and people...but why not talk about ALL the aspects combined! When you do, you realize science is pretty darn cool...

Topic - Why Science Is Cool
Starring - Clarke' Snell (as herself)
- Clarke' Snell (as a nerdy teacher)
Song - Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby)

representing Keystone National High School and the KSNH Bio Club

Dancing Water

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Shows how when a drop of water touches a very hot pan, the water "dances".

Evolution and Natural Selection

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One of the many amazing aspects of science is that it provides an explanation as to why the animals we see today are the way they are. Through science, evolution and more specifically natural selection show that each organism is specifically engineered over time to more successfully survive in its given habitat. Without science, we would never understand the process of evolution or understand the world around us.

Science behind Roller Coaster

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My topic is about exploring the science behind the Roller Coasters. I had a toy kit with plasic parts which I used to build a roller coaster. It took me all night and the morning to finish it. But when it was done, it was cool and fun to play with. My friends loved it. This work I did building the plastic roller coaster, made me wonder how the real ones worked. I was also at Cedarpoint in June. I kept thinking how much fun science and technology provide to us. Part of my reason for me to...

Illusional Scences

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The video contains a variety of "illusional" special effects based upon today's technology.

Chemistry Time with Chris and Josh

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This is an entry for the Kavli Science Video Contest produced by Joshua Hamilton and Christopher Burkhalter from West Springfield High School. In this video we prove that Science (Chemistry in particular) is much cooler than just baking soda and vinegar volcanoes by demonstrating the awesome power of a thermite reaction. The reaction requires a large amount of initial energy to ignite, which we achieve by a simple oxidation reaction between potassium permanganate and glycerin, which in...