Science is cool

submitted by: dcassell

Technology in the future.

Nature Movie

submitted by: dcassell

This movie is about nature and it's importance.

Science is Cool

submitted by: merictay1

A young girl writes in her diary about her love for science and super scientist Justin Beaker.

The Appliance of Science

submitted by: michaelmcroskey

This short video follows an average person throughout their day as they use science in ways they don't even realize. Science is everywhere, and that's why it is cool!

Rachel Paterson - Kavli Science Video Contest

submitted by: rpaterson312

Entry for the Kavli Science Video Contest. This film promotes engineering and science, primarily focusing on design and the possibilities that science and engineering offer.

Pop Bottle Racer Derby

submitted by: Tatyana.M.Ray

Science experiment, kids experiment with gravity while creating a pop bottle racer.

Bouncing Raisins

submitted by: Tatyana.M.Ray

Science Experience, watch our kids experience with carbonation

Card Trick

submitted by: Tatyana.M.Ray

Let's try our hands at water suction!

Sink or Float

submitted by: Tatyana.M.Ray

Watch our youth explore buoyancy.........everything isn't what it seems.

Wriggle Worm

submitted by: Tatyana.M.Ray

Science project! Watch paper grow!