Everyday Wonder

submitted by: creativebeginnings

Everyday Wonder is a compilation of images of our kindergarten children participating in everyday science exploration at Creative Beginnings Early Childhood Program.

You Gotta Have Science!

submitted by: CamilleNorth

Why is science is cool? What do these things have in common ... explosions, roller coasters, rockets, Tesla coils, cell phones, and Diet Coke and Mentos? Without science, they wouldn't exist! Brother and sister, Truman and Sydney Clark, explain why science is not only important but also pretty cool.
This video is an entry in the USA Science and Engineering Festival, Kavli Science Video Contest.
Video written, created, and directed by homeschoolers Sydney and Truman Clark

Anthony Livingston "Why Science is Cool"

submitted by: Alivingston

This video is for the Kavli Video contest

Glimpse into the Future

submitted by: dcassell


A Slice of Life

submitted by: hhsso

A short video that exemplifes how science is all around us and plays a profound role in our daily lives.

At the same time it answers the question "why is science cool"?

Underappreciated science

submitted by: jackb

This is movie that shows what our lives and world would be like if we didn't have science, in a humorous and fun way. It shows the adventures of a student in science class wishing science didn't exist so he doesn't need to take a science test. A "science wizard" shows him what his life would be like without science and they decide that science is a great thing, after all.

Where Science Happens

submitted by: Tegren

A picture montage detailing the evolution of science!

Science is Cool

submitted by: mlchambers

This video is a music video created to discuss and encourage people to explore science.

Science Is Cool.

submitted by: hrsnblm1995

Science is everywhere.
We live and breath science.
Science Is Cool.
Science is our legacy.

Why I Like Science

submitted by: cefox

This video is a short video on why I like science.
The roller coaster is my custom design for a B&M Floorless coaster called Sky Runner designed by me using NoLimits Coaster Simulator.