Science Is Creature Cool!

submitted by: ambauer

We love science because we love to go outside because we love nature. Nature always surprises us!

Science rox!!

submitted by: sarahalanna

A video about multiple types of sciences that are popular everywhere today and why they are cool.

Science Saves Lives

submitted by: grahamhs

For the Kavli Science Video Contest...90 second video on the importance of science and the future of organ donation by Graham High School Advanced Video/Audio Production.

Science is cool because it offers us unlimited posssibilities

submitted by: jagada7

This video summarizes the exciting things that exploring science has done for the world, how we can study the past, evaluate the present and plan for a brighter future by exploring more science.

A Dollar Smoothie

submitted by: FJScott

Science Experiment - The first elementary newscast in Texas shows you why Science is Cool by showing you an experiment dealing with secret ironed ink inside US currency. Different amounts of iron is included in different currency bills. This experiments shows you just how much iron is inside a dollar. Do vending machines look for the bill's image or the amount of iron?? Find out.

Science is Awesome

submitted by: star girl

This video is a submission for the USA Science & Engineering Festival Kavli Science Video Contest. Three seventh grade girls from Hillside Middle School in Salt Lake City, Utah explore the fun and excitement of learning science through six magical science experiments.

Why I Think Science Is Cool

submitted by: Hope Gamboa

This video describes the importance of science related to technology.

Science of the Future

submitted by: maya

My topic is how science helps in satisfying our energy needs without destroying the environment.


submitted by: Sherry.Emily

A prehistoric themed Rube Goldberg machine, a pretty crystal, and a colorful and explosive soda and mentos experiment. :D

Why Science is Cool- How Physics Affect Basketball

submitted by: Tyson King
The self-proclaimed Newton's Ballers introduce two important components of the physics behind the game that has inspired countless souls, basketball. Including an original rap, a 360 degree dunk, and slow motion shots, we truly hope that the crew has done an outstanding job of arousing interest among viewers, and of encapsulating the essence of why science is cool. (Please note that we do understand that the two topics/lessons covered in the video were done so semi-briefly and without too...