What it Takes to Build the Next James Webb Space Telescope with Blake Bullock and Scott Willoughby

Northrop Grumman Astrophysicist, Blake Bullock, and Engineer, Scott Willoughby, share what it takes to build the next generation James Webb Space Telescope. Join in to lean about Blake’s job to understand the future and Scott’s role to bring that future to reality at the inaugural X-STEM Symposium in Washington, D.C. on April 24, 2014. The X-STEM Symposium is sponsored by MedImmune and the Northrop Grumman Foundation and is a program of the USA Science & Engineering Festival....

ASM at the USA Science and Engineering Festival (MWV60)

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
The American Society for Microbiology at the USA Science and Engineering Festival 2012 in Washington, D.C. Learn what kids have to say about the science and microbiology and the various educational resources ASM offers to students, teachers and parents alike. Filmed on April 27-28, 2012 at the USA Science and Engineering Festival inWashington, D.C. Special thanks: ASM Volunteers David J. Westernberg, Ph.D., Missouri University of Science and Technology Neil Baker, Ph.D., Ohio State...

The Value of Science

submitted by: rsg0569

A minute long educational commercial showing the many ways that science positively effects our lives.

Why Is Science Cool? - Science Experiments

submitted by: SpudNicStudios

In this short video created for the Kavli Science Video Contest, I explain the reason why I think science is cool...because of the science experiments! I demonstrate a few interesting experiments and briefly explain the cool science behind the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment! I hope you enjoy the video, thanks for watching!


The Awesomeness in Science

submitted by: dwallace

This video shows various ways that science can entertain you.

Science Busters

submitted by: mcorkum

Scientist PJ Corkum tests to see if the salt in the ice is necessary for making homemade ice cream.

Science is Cool

submitted by: catherinecalhoun

This video is the work of 6 fifth grade students at Bains Elementary in Saint Francisville, Louisiana. The students are doing a hand clap jingle about Dr. Science -- and how science is cool.

Children of Science

submitted by: PureSapphireSkies
This video is for the Kavli Science Video Contest. This video was made for CHS Studios under the production name AKA Productions. This video shows children of Portland talking about why they think science is cool. (We received legal consent forms from the parents of the actors as well as using un-copyrighted music from Incompetech, a site that allows for legal download of music for videos such as this.) We hope that your will enjoy the stories of why these children think science is cool.

Science Knows It All!

submitted by: belencitabelen

Science is anything, everything, and absolutely amazingly COOL!

Plants on the Ground

submitted by: LVchildrensgarden

A Fun Music video about the importance of plants for the reduction of Global warming.
Written and performed by the Children of the Lathrup Village Childrens Garden 4-h Video Club.