Altering Practices in Design through Community Engagement

submitted by: tahlor.c
This project seeks to identify the benefits in altering current design practices to better social capital, particularly in marginalized communities. It will look at current uses of community engagement through the design process to further sustainability of communities and to build social capital, particularly in affordable housing communities. Through the close study of various Community Development Agencies, interviews with field experts, and comparison of case studies, I hope to establish...
Authors: Tahlor Cleveland

Student housing and its effect on student interaction

submitted by: llemusin
The purpose of my research is to learn more about the architectural design of residential communities and their influence in perpetuating or discouraging student engagement in on-campus university residences. Though some researchers suggest that individual desire increases student engagement, I suggest that the design of the community space is an even larger factor. This research design is centered on an observational study and survey at two common spaces located within a corridor and...

A Study of California Environmental Quality Act: Uses, Challenges and How It Could Be A Barrier for Development

submitted by: Malaoudi
This research seeks to examine if CEQA can be used as a tool to delay or prevent projects not for environmental concerns, yet for personal interest purposes. The research is focused on local and environmental groups in the San Diego Region and their role in development challenges. The evidence will be gathered through interviews, case study, and observant as a research intern at Civic San Diego- a city owned non-profit redevelopment agency. The study will contribute to the understanding of...

Wal-Mart's Impact on the Community Project

submitted by: dbluu
The purpose of this study was to examine how big box retail stores, Wal-Mart in particular, affected the surrounding community. Over the past decades, Wal-Mart has earned the title of world’s largest retailer by offering the lowest prices found anywhere. Its success has raised many questions as to how their annual revenue was achieved and at what cost? Data was gathered from various methods including research, surveying, and an interview with a former City Manager of San Diego. This study...

Truths and Fallacies Surrounding the Mortgage Interest Deduction: A Case Study of San Diego County

submitted by: jevans1357
The mortgage interest deduction (MID) represents the federal government’s largest housing subsidy. The MID is surrounded by significant debate regarding its equality and effectiveness. Opponents of the policy argue that it favors the rich, while supporters see it as a vital housing stimulus. The focus of this project is to provide a case study to use as complimentary evidence to the current literature, which is largely conceptual and policy based. To do this, the project is rooted in...

Breaking Socio-Cultural Barriers: Musical Traditions, Street Performance, and Coherent Urban Design

submitted by: msolaria
Urban design and community development are often divorced from one another as disciplines despite the profound influence the form of urban space has on the cohesiveness of a community. Using street musicians and the phenomenon of spontaneous breaking of social barriers as a context, this study argues for a holistic approach to design with community development in mind by demonstrating how social relationships between strangers spring up and how they are affected by the nature of urban form....

The Possibilities of Sustainable Development through the Public Sphere

submitted by: amtruong
As our advancements in technology grow throughout the years, the ideas of sustainable cities or “eco-cites” slowly deteriorate. This study will examine the ideas of sustainable development in terms of satisfying people’s needs without putting a huge strain on our environment. The objective is to understand why it is so difficult to incorporate sustainability when it comes to city planning. The hypothesis is that we live in a generation where making money plays a crucial role, and...

Compact Growth - Model for Future Urban Development

submitted by: acko
Compact growth addresses the problems of sprawl and congestion and enhances the overall quality of life socially and environmentally. It follows an extensive measure to prevent environmental, economical and social ills within a community by witholding the values of the individual, the community and the environment. It encourages pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that incorporates mixed-use and beautifies the neighborhoods. Community development needs to direct its attention back into the...

From Yesterday’s Novice Pre-Service Teachers to Tomorrow’s Educators

submitted by: chidang

Topic: Teacher Preparation Education
A Case Study of UCSD’s Masters in Education and Teaching Credential Program

Thinking Inside the Box: Shipping Container Architecture and its Role for a Sustainable Future

submitted by: calvinhchan
As cities and suburbs encounter critical, consequential problems related to sprawl and unsustainable growth, the pressing need to achieve more while concurrently using less has become a priority for urban planning. The purpose of this study was to explore the potential role that shipping containers have in engendering high-quality urban infill development. Specifically, the study provided expository insight into the challenges and opportunities container architecture faces in providing...