Economic Limits to Oil Supply: A Non-Hubbert Curve View

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Authors: Richard S. Bishop and Wayne L. Kelley. Historically, questions of oil supply have been addressed by citing volumes of reserves and/ or resources. Supply, however, cannot be estimated from volumes alone but must include economic considerations. An optimistic outlook on global oil supply commonly will include large volumes of unconventional resources or undiscovered fields. While very large` such resources cannot add proportionately large supply rates due to logistical limitations,...

I-CAMP 2010 Australia Monday July 5 Global Outreach Forum II

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I-CAMP 2010 Australia Monday July 5 Global Outreach Forum II
Parnell Building Rm 222, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
5:30pm Monday July 5, 2010

Amazing Earth 2

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A documentary about volcanic eruptions, their causes and effects on Earth and the geological implications of those events in history and in the future - Part 2.

Early Life

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Stephen Mojzsis, a geologist at the University of Colorado, searches for the earliest life forms on the planet by examining minerals in ancient oceanic sediments.A geologist probes the earliest secrets of the planet looking for traces of ancient life forms.