BILD 1: Scientific FUNding

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BILD 1 Fall 2008
Rhianon Anderson
Joshua Darnell
Elmar Malek
Ned Premyodhin
Jenna Rosenblatt
Antonio Venegas

TA: Sarah, W 7pm.

CSE125 Video Game Course (UCSD)

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Video highlighting the CSE 125 Video Game Course at UCSD.

Produced by Calit2

Advances to the Biochemical, Genetic and Genomic (BiGG) Database

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The BiGG database is a widely used resource for sharing genome-scale metabolic reconstructions. BiGG integrates several published genome-scale metabolic networks into one resource with standard nomenclature which allows components to be compared across different species. Furthermore, BiGG contains links to several publicly available databases where additional information can be found and integrated. In addition, BiGG contains a customized export tool that enables the generation of SBML...

Bringing Out the Scientist in Students

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UC San Diego has launched a new and innovative program that pairs high school teachers with graduate students. The pairs will be working hand in hand in high school classrooms during the school year. The hope is that the grad students will inspire high schoolers to study science down the road. The grad students also will share their knowledge of ground-breaking science with teachers, who in turn will share classroom management tips. The Socrates Fellows Program was funded by a $3 million...

Introductory Remarks

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An Introduction Talk by Geoffrey M. Voelker

Neat Defense

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Video Game : Neat Defense by Neat Hat Studios


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Video Game : Athmosphere by Team ACK DNY

Island Mayhem

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Video Game : Island Mayhem by Team Undecided Chaos and Shape Destruction

20.000 Frags Under the Sea

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Video Game : 20.000 Frags Under the Sea by Team Leviathan

Systematic Analysis of Breast Cancer Cell Lines

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Talk by Paul Spellman about "Systematic Analysis of Breast Cancer Cell Lines"