Pharmacists do more powerpoint

submitted by: ABechtold

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CPU vs GPU: AMBER Code Simulation

submitted by: btolo

The terminal view on the left shows a 'tail' of the AMBER code output for a simulation of Myoglobin, a protein found in muscle fibers. In this video, the output is being run on a single Intel E5462 2.80 GHz CPU. The terminal view on the right shows the same AMBER code output, but run on a single NVIDIA C1060 GPU. The GPU run is about 40 times faster than the CPU run.
Courtesy of Ross Walker, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego.

CPU vs GPU: Protein Folding Simulation

submitted by: btolo

This simulation shows a protein folding simulation of TRPCage (an artificially designed protein) running in implicit solvent. The simulation shows a single Intel E5462 2.80GHz CPU versus an NVIDIA C1060 GPU.
Courtesy of Ross Walker, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego.

Militarization of Education

submitted by: mmmorale

Spatial analysis of GIS maps to show correlations between schools and military recruitment in low-income areas of San Diego.

Creating Cycling Campuses: Following the European Example

submitted by: mwu922
This purpose of this study is to evaluate how many cities in Northern European have adopted innovative tactics to foster an inviting cycling community and how transferrable these approaches are to college campuses. Current research reveals that these European cities have made cycling an effective mode of personal transportation through pro-bike policies, strong bicycle infrastructure, and programs that work to increase ridership. Among the various conveniences of bicycle activity, the focus...

Localizing agricultural distribution networks in San Diego County

submitted by: rsclar
Contemporary farming techniques come with considerable external social costs to the environment, food security, healthcare, and other public entities. Sustainable agricultural practices (SAP) offer solutions to many of these problems, however many aspects of SAP are hard to apply in a fashion which is environmentally and economically beneficial. Agricultural distribution localization shares many of the benefits of other SAP and is easier to put into practice because it can be implemented...

From Yesterday’s Novice Pre-Service Teachers to Tomorrow’s Educators

submitted by: chidang

Topic: Teacher Preparation Education
A Case Study of UCSD’s Masters in Education and Teaching Credential Program

Recreation Finance

submitted by: machristensen23

My report studies the financing of recreation improvements and examines the differences in financing between wealthy and poor neighborhoods.

Impact of Mixture Chamber Gas on Direct-Drive Inertial Fusion Energy Targets

submitted by: RobertMartin
Robert Martin's PhD Defense from the University of California San Diego Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Martin developed a multi-component computational fluid dynamics algorithm to study the evolution of chamber gas between subsequent inertial fusion energy burns in a proposed powerplant design. He used these results to study the impact of chamber gas on direct-drive target survival and proposed a safe operating regime as well as a cold gas jet co-injection scheme to...

Modeling Early Galaxies Using Radiation Hydrodynamics

submitted by: btolo
This simulation uses a flux-limited diffusion solver to explore the radiation hydrodynamics of early galaxies, in particular, the ionizing radiation created by Population III stars. At the time of this rendering, the simulation has evolved to a redshift of 3.5. The simulation volume is 11.2 comoving megaparsecs, and has a uniform grid of 1024^3 cells, with over 1 billion dark matter and star particles. The simulation was computed on resources of the National Institute for Computational...