Use of Behavioral Economics to Improve Treatment of Acute Respiratory Infections

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SCANNER External Advisory Board Meeting 2011
October 10, 2011

Presented by Daniella Meeker, RAND Corporation

Dr. Meeker is an Associate Information Scientist at RAND Corporation. She has experience in architecting and implementing several systems that apply near real-time data processing and analysis, as well as merging large databases and creating networked applications. She is the lead investigator of the SCANNER-BEARI collaboration.

Images on iDASH: Initial Infrastructure and Insights

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Presented by Brian E. Chapman

iDASH Quarterly Meeting

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iDASH Quarterly Meeting -- October, 2011

Data Citation: Who cares?

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Presented by: Heather Piwowar

Inside Outside: Two Complementary Approaches to Vascular Modeling

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Presentation by Sylvia Hon and Alex Sullivan at the iDASH Internship Symposium.

iDASH Internship Symposium Welcome

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iDASH Internship Symposium Welcome by Dr. Lucila Ohno Machado.

iDASH Internship Symposium Closing Remarks

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Closing Remarks by Nathaniel Heintzman at the iDASH Internship Symposium.